The Blend

All-Purpose Seasoning

A distinctive all purpose seasoning, consisting of eight herbs and spices.  Complements everything it touches!  Use it in a veggie saute', on a baked potato or on a pizza.  It's delicious sprinkled on chicken or fish while grilling.  Try it in a cream cheese dip.  The Blend is an excellent alternative to salt and pepper and makes cooking with herbs easy!





Our most unique mustard.  Made with wine and the peppery leaves and flowers of fresh nasturtiums.  This zippy mustard goes especially well with prime rib.

Green Peppercorn

A Dijon style mustard, made with white wine and tarragon, then finished with cracked green peppercorns.  Excellent on a sandwich or as a secret ingredient.


A coarse grain yellow mustard with the sweetness of honey and a hint of crushed red pepper.  Great as a dip for homemade pretzels or on the great American hot dog.

Herb and Fruit Vinegar

Herb vinegar adds magic to any recipe calling for vinegar.  They add flavor without distracting from the recipe.  Try them in your favorite salad dressings, marinades, or just sprinkle them on fresh steamed vegetables.  Available flavors: Tarragon, Hot Pepper Garlic, Chive Blossom, Basil Flower, Thyme, Blueberry Basil, Cranberry Bay

Floral Waters


The Maine Accent Floral Waters are made the old fashioned way, without preservatives and mixed by hand.  Floral waters are less heavily scented than colognes.  Try them as a body splash or a fresh and natural after shave.  They can also be poured into a bath to remind you of summer days gone by.  We recommend you store Floral water in a dark cupboard or for an extra refreshing treat, on a hot summer day, leave them in the refrigerator.  Floral waters can be used in everything from hand lotion to cookies.  Available flavors: Rose, Lavender, Florida.


Wholesale or Retail 

For pricing and product information please contact us.  Associated Buyers of Barrington, New Hampshire is our New England Distributor.  They carry some of our products regularly and all of our products upon request.