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Too busy to fill your window boxes.  Drop them off. we'll fill them for you.  It's that easy!



Last Spring we started using Bill's Perfect fertilizer. An organic alternative to Miracle Grow.  Judge for yourself! Bill's is available at The Maine Accent and it doesn't harm the bees!! 

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A Gardener's Shop


Our shop is small but filled with wonderful gifts for the gardener of any age.  We have an eclectic selection of  tools, unique toys and our own specialty food line.  In late summer and fall we offer dried flower bunches and wreathes.  We also have books and cards designed by Maine writers and artists as well as Maine made flaskets, garden hods.

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At the Maine Accent you are able to cut your own flowers.  We have the buckets and scissors all ready for you.  No time to pick? No problem! Give us a call we'll have it ready for you!

Cut Your Own Flowers!

The Maine Accent offers fresh cut garden flowers all summer long!


.We service restaurants, bed and breakfasts and offices who like to have fresh cut flowers on tables or in their rooms.  We offer a "fresh flower for table" service for resturants within a 15 mile radius.  Call us for details!



Fresh Herbs and Edible Flowers

Mint Flowers and Rose Pedals to be used in simple syrups~

Mint Flowers and Rose Pedals to be used in simple syrups~

Herbs have been used in many ways throughout the ages.  They can be used  medicinally, in dyes and most popularly in everyday cooking.  If you have time and space, it's very rewarding to grow your own herbs.  At The Maine Accent you can buy herbs as plantings, fresh/cut or dried. 

Nothing adds as much flavor and color to a salad as fresh flowers.  Whether it's a zippy nasturtium or spicy chive....  flowers add beauty and excitement to your menu!  Try them in a salad or sandwich.... decorate a cake.  They will add style and a special elegant touch!