Our History

A Field and a Dream

We started growing our business 25 years ago.  With very little money and much hard work we began with a field and a dream.  We decided to start a specialty foods company.  We decided we would grow the herbs and the hot peppers we needed for our products.  After a few years of hauling water to the sight we put in power and drilled a well.  We built a modest hoop house to start our propagation earlier, all the while collecting perennials and growing flowers to dry.



We thought craft fairs and health food stores would be a good place to start.  We were using hand colored labels and making our own deliveries.  We soon realized we could not grow on this way.  We had professional labels made and increased our product line to 14 items.


The crew!

The Fall of 2010 we built a new green house

Public Garden Opening

In 1996 we opened our gardens up to the public.  We sold mostly herbs and field grown perennuials.  Today we sell a great selection of both as well as annuals and cut flowers.  We offer 24 varieties of day lilies and an equally versitile selction of hosta.


Our New Greenhouse

  We are now looking forward to the Spring of 2018 to embark on a new season atThe Maine Accent.  We look forward to fulfilling your gardening needs. We open May 1st.....  See you then!